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Club Leadership:

Pamela Mynard Christopher- President 
Henry Cammack - Vice President  
Leisha Comer- Show and Awards Chairman
Rose Isgrigg - Northeast District Director   740-707-4151
 Faverolles Fanciers of America Constitution and Bylaws
Date Last Amended: December, 24 2011
Article I - Name and Purpose:
Section 1 - This organization is to be known as the "Faverolles Fanciers of America" (hereafter called the Club).
Section 2 -  Faverolles Fanciers of America is dedicated to the continued improvement and expansion of the Faverolles breed through promotion, selective breeding, and exhibition of both bantam and large fowl Faverolles, as well as increasing membership through promotion of the club and providing a welcoming, educational environment for all members.
Article II - Membership:
Section 1 - Membership is open to anyone who wishes to become a part of our Club and abides by our policies.
Section 2 -  The Secretary-Treasurer shall receive persons into membership upon their applying for same and paying one year's dues. Membership dues agreed upon are $15.00 per year per adult, and $8.00 per youth under age 18.  A family membership is available for $20.00 per year, and is to include two adults and any minor children in the household- U.S. funds only. Dues run from January to January.


Article III - Officers:

Section 1 -  The Club shall be governed by the membership through the following elected officers: President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer. These three officers shall constitute the Executive Committee.

Section 2 -  The Club shall also have an Election Commissioner who shall be elected by the membership at annual meetings.


Article IV - Operating Means:

Section 1 -  Material means for operating the Club shall be derived from donations of money, awards, supplies and services by its members and annual dues. The Club shall not be committed to any expense or expenditures for which it does not have funds available.


Article V - Duties of the Officers:

Section 1 -  The President will be recognized as the Chief Executive Officer of the Club, preside at all meetings, call special meetings and be Chairman of the Executive Committee. He/she shall have the power to appoint any officer should that position become vacant for any reason. He/she shall appoint committees as necessary to accomplish Club objectives.

Section 2 -  The Vice-President shall serve in the absence of the President and shall be advanced to the office of the President should that office become vacant for any reason.

Section 3 -  The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for the following duties:

1. All correspondence Upon request of the President or, Vice-President, the Secretary/Treasurer may be responsible for correspondence received by them.

 2. Mailing to the membership not less than three newsletters per year and the annual membership directory.

 3. Keep an accurate list of the membership, deposit dues and issue membership cards

 4. Pay authorized Club debts.

 5. Provide the books/checking account to the Executive Committee upon request for an audit. Receipts must accompany all checks.

6. Record and maintain a file of minutes of all meetings of the Club and Executive Committee.

 Section 4 - The Election Commissioner will receive the mall ballots from the membership, tally them and forward the results promptly, together with the ballots to the Secretary/Treasurer and notify the President of the results.


Article VI - Election of Officers:

Section 1 -  The President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected by the membership to serve a three year term. Such elections will be held every three years by mail ballot to all the membership in good standing The ballot shall be prepared by the Secretary/Treasurer and sent to the membership between November 1 and December 1. Ballots are to be returned to the Election Commissioner and must be postmarked no later than December 15.  Nominations may be made before November 1 of the election year by notifying the Secretary/Treasurer or at an annual Club Meeting.  The Election Commissioner shall tally the ballots and notify the incumbent President and Secretary/Treasurer of the results before January 1 and send the ballots to the Secretary/Treasurer.  A simple majority of votes elects or decides an issue.  Only names of members in good standing, agreeing to serve if elected, shall be placed on the ballot. The incumbent Secretary/Treasurer shall promptly notify the elected candidates.

Section 2 -  Elected officers shall take office January 1 following the election.


 Article VII - National Meets and National Club Meetings:

Section 1 -  Each year, the Club shall hold both an Eastern and a Western National, at a location decided upon by the Club members at an annual Club Meeting or by mail ballot during the previous year.  The Club shall offer flat ribbons for BV / RV, when more than one variety is shown in open class and for all youth, and rosettes for BB / RB, Champion and Reserve Champion Faverolles, Champion and Reserve Champion Large and Bantam Faverolles, both in open and youth classes.  Additional special awards will be offered as donated.  Additional awards for National meets may be presented at the discretion of the Executive Board.  To be eligible for club awards, exhibitor must be a paid member prior to judging

 Section 2 - The Club shall hold an annual Club Meeting, preferably at the same time and location as the annual National Meet. Members present at an annual Club Meeting shall constitute a quorum. These meetings are for the purpose of conducting Club business.


Article VIII - Club Meets:

Section 1 -  To encourage increased interest in breeding and showing Faverolles, any member may request a state or district meet by contacting their District Director, who will authorize the meet with the Secretary / Treasurer.  Awards for these meets will be the same as outlined in Article VII, Section1.  If the District Director is not in attendance, the Club member requesting the meet shall be encouraged to occupy a Club table at the show, and is responsible for making sure the show secretary has a show report to fill out.


Article IX - Ratification:

 Section 1 - This Constitution and By-Laws shall go into effect after receiving a simple majority of the votes cast by the Club membership


Article X - Amendments:

Section 1 -  Be it understood, this constitution and by-laws shall be recognized procedure for our advancement. Any proposition or amendment for altering or changing this constitution and by-laws must be approved by receiving a simple majority of the votes cast by the Club membership.


 Article XI - Order of Meetings:
Section 1 -  Club Meetings to recognize and utilize Roberts Rules of Order.   


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