Faverolles Fanciers of America

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Historical Artwork and Pictures

The pictures which follow are taken from rare and valuable texts rarely seen these days. The pictures appear slightly skewed as the books are much too valuable to press flat against a scanner.

Ludlow artwork of Salmon Faverolles

The above picture was taken from Lewis Wright's book 
"The New Book of Poultry" c1902 which was illustrated by J.W. Ludlow



Edwin Megargee artwork of Salmon Faverolles

The above picture was taken fromthe International Library of Technology's 
"Standard Bred Poultry - Vol II" c1912 which was illustrated by Edwin Megargee



Salmon Faverolle male by BrownSalmon Faverolle Female by Brown

This fine pair of Faverolles was bred and exhibited 
by Mr. F. Chaloner-Smith, Carrickmines, co. Dublin.

The text on the male reads: "Winner of 48 Challenge Cups, Specials & 1st prizes"
The text on the female reads: "A winner of many prizes"

These photographs were taken from J.T. Brown's "The Encyclopaedia of Poultry" c1909



Ideal Electrotype

Charles L. Stiles published a set of 70 poultry electrotypes.
His flyer was titled "Ideal Poultry Cuts"

The artist sold the electrotypes to the poultry breeder so the local printer
could produce letterhead, envelopes, etc. with pictures of the breed.

The sales flyer has no date on it, though it was accompanied by 
correspondence dated March 20, 1923.



1935 Poultry Journal Cover

The July 1935 issue, central edition, of the American Poultry Journal featured Faverolles.